SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset

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From the release of the first successful game that made revenue for its owner : the arcade game” Pong”, to this day, where there is a ton of different high tech consoles, The gaming industry was growing too fast and developing from all aspects, By the year of 2020, The value of the gaming industry market reached an imaginary number of 164 Billion dollars, the biggest part of this value is from mobile gaming with 52% from the value of gaming market (85 billion dollars) , note that note that both consoles (Playstation and xbox ) present about 44% combined with a value of 40 billion dollars for PC and 33 billion dollars for Consoles, that’s impressing because the mobile gaming industry made this numbers in a short period from 1997 to 2020, one recent big jump in the gaming industry is the growth that happened after Covid-19 lockdowns; it helped sales of global gaming to rise with a 20% growth, and gaming market value reached 180 billion dollars in 2020, in 2021 lockdowns were being removed slowly, but the gaming industry kept on its growth due to the release of the next generations of playstation and xbox consoles.

SteelSeries Arctis headset

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Now that we talked about the gaming industry and its growth, this article is written for gamers that are trying to find the best gaming headset on the market, a headset that will isolates you and cut u off from the outside world, a headset that will travel you to the battle of the field on your game and make you able to win all the battles, it is the Steel Series Arctis Pro headset.

Headsets are extremely important in gaming, because they provide a virtual environment for you in a way that makes you feel  on the game and part of it, headsets designed for gaming should have better hardware and software than the ordinary headsets designed for normal use on your computer for normal tasks, gaming headsets should have better audio and sound quality, gaming headsets nowadays have a lot of high tech features like noise cancelling (so that you will not hear anything from the outside), one of the best high quality headsets designed for gaming on the market is the steelseries headset.

Steelseries Arctis the best headset for gaming:

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It’s a unique high resolution gaming headset, with a peerless quality of audio 2.4g, it weights 690 gram, and it’s light because it’s constructed of light aluminum:

Reasons why Steelseries Arctis is the best for you as a gamer:

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No matter what you are doing; talking with your friends online, or playing a video game seriously and you need to hear clearly the footsteps of your enemies to defeat them, you need a perfect headset from all aspects: comfortable to wear during long periods of gaming, clear audio and 3d audio, cutting the outside sound so everything you hear is from your game ….

Cutting External Noises:

You cannot deny that if you are playing a video game and you hear a noise from the room next to you (music, or radio or your mom calling you), you will be distracted and probably you we’ll lose your game, the SteelSeries arctis headset offers you a noise cancelling feature, most of gaming headsets brands out there say that their headset are noise-canceling but in fact they are not, because probably all those headsets have the same type which is unidirectional or omnidirectional, steelseries offers you a ClearCast bidirectional microphone that provides a studio quality voice and background noise cancelation, the microphone used is tiny and high tech, it analyzes external noises and cut them off so that you get the best quality of voice.

High quality of sound

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Steelseries arctis pro headset offer you a clear sound, which is very important to be the best player and the top of your game, it is the first brand in gaming to offer DTS headphone: xv2.0, as a gamer, I know that gaming nowadays requires very precise and accurate movements, and in order to move correctly and at the right time, you need to have a good listening and get all the noises and from where are coming this noises, here we arrive to the next impressive feature on our headset which is :

3D Audio quality

The  sound quality on the steelseries headset is unbelievable, it’s real life 3d sound quality, you will truly feel who is behind you, where is your enemy and from where he is coming, and that’s extremely important especially on war games, for example on call of duty online, if you hear where is your enemy.. He’s dead, and this type of video games is played on details, and one wrong move means you are dead!

Compatibility with all gaming consoles

Yes, the steelseries arctis headset is designed for pc, xbox, PS4, PS5, because it includes a 3.5mm adapter, which means that you can plug it into an Xbox Controller, PS4 and PS5 controller, VR headsets and mobile devices for mobile gaming, many features that make this headset the best in the gaming industry.

Steelseries Company

SteelSeries is a famous Danish company specialized in the production of gaming material for video game players: keyboards, mice, headphones …

The company has several partnerships with companies in the video game industry, as well as with professional players, having a lot of partnerships with professional players and gamers means that the

 Products of this company are high quality, and the steelseries arctis pro headset is not an exception.

At the end, as you can see, buying a steelseries arctis headset is a smart investment for gamers, you will benefit from the different features of this headset and be better on your game, you will not regret it at all.